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  • 742928 tatooine

    @The Majestic Noob It's really nicey mod :)) By the by may I ask how did you made the sharky not to die? I'm trying to make a scene with dolphins jumping on air from the sea but they instantly die when I move them above the water :(((((

  • 742928 tatooine

    @Eddlm , or anyone else who knows; May I ask how the snowy road effecting the rollover chance? Like is it increasing it or decreasing? Because I believe in slippery roads the vehicles are less likely to rollover since they have very soft contact with tarmac, the tires can't create enough stress to topple the vehicle.

  • 742928 tatooine

    @Eddlm Holy molly am I actually going to see this mod updated :OO WOW!! I wasn't able to use this because it was causing crashes and NPC cars acting up very awkwardly but I'm very happy to see this get updated :))))))) <3 <3 I'm hoping so much I can enjoy this mod like how I enjoyed it so super much years ago but even if I can't I'm still feeling a warm inside that this lovely mod got an update :))) <3

  • 742928 tatooine

    @LorenVidican Well I can guarantee you, your 8K and 16K map causing texture loss in my game even when I don't open the map at all. Maybe if you make it like how it is in vanilla (as a 3D model) it may work well, but high quality ones definetly causing a big performance impact. That's why I was asked a low quality version from you long ago, which many times later you made one for free, which I very appreciate it, better late than never .. and I'm using low quality one of this mod which doesn't cause that texture loss.

  • 742928 tatooine

    @LorenVidican Zoomed in map/minimap is a 3d model, it's not vector and does not use any textures at all.
    Some of the radar mods just totally erase the 3d mesh and replace it with 8k custom made ones which also technically can destroy the game. So the vanilla map doesn't have any resolution, it's just a 3D model.

    You are not expecting me to understand which I won't object since I ain't an expert but it doesn't seem to you know much about it either. Are you suggesting people to try the fix in that video first when they request fix from you? Anyways, who am I to judge. Afterall, rockstar is the one to blame the most anyway for keep ruining every good things, which I have reasons to believe they did this intentionally since they are trying very hard to shut down every map mods that doesn't even have any resemblance to their other games...

  • 742928 tatooine

    @WolfFire23309 Damn they look really nice. Also their look and even clothing very similar to the monks in Killjoys show, every time these peds remind me that funny "PRATAAAAAAAALL!!" scream lol :DDD

  • 742928 tatooine

    I finally finished installing the weapon model mods so decided to install this mod too. and I must say I'm really amazed by it <3 Since I didn't want realistic recoil and have some of my weapons I was edited to change rate of fire, I didn't install the meta edits (not sure what they exactly do honestly) but yeah they sound really amazing to me <3

    @XENORT by the by, if I may ask, which files controlling the gun sound of B-11 Strikeforce? In vanilla game it's not much great either but it has that small feeling of brrrrtt sound of A-10 so I was thinking of just reverting that one to vanilla to keep the brrrtt :)))

  • 742928 tatooine

    @gaidar24 It's not working because he figured people in here outsmarted him and he can't scam them by asking them to pay money to fix their mods, which anyone can do in 30 seconds.

    Imma drop the how to do video here just in case if someone sees his gtainside link and falls for the whole new level of scamming attempt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZz1O1BZorY

    Of course the reason he moved that mod over there so he can keep deleting the comments of people showing how easy to fix any mod :D Imagine calling people imbecile just because they outsmart him :D I remember one day he was told me the vanilla game map resolution is ~50k which then thanks to some smart people I learned that the vanilla map is actually a 3D model without any textures 🤣🤣🤣 I mean .. if someone else would have told me I would give them the benefit of the doubt but someone who is making map mods saying this .. yeah...

    but anyways, as for this particular mod, I like the look of the map I can't lie and still using it with it's radar as well. Gotta pay the respect for a well done mod too of course <3

  • 742928 tatooine

    Umm .. Should have they been running away from the shore? :O These peop got some serious ball man...

    29 декабря 2021
  • 742928 tatooine

    @SkylineGTRFreak Oh I see. I was honestly very hyped when I saw the JDAM on weapon meta thought it was avaliable but I just missed it (was thinking it can only be used with spesific mods selected, like how you change loadout in A-10 Thunderbolt) so I was checking for it but yeah then realized it wasn't actually included.

    Thank you very much for your reply by the by :) <3 It cleared the confusions in my head :D

    25 декабря 2021