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The creator can't even do FileStream.Close()!
Scripts developers on the 5mods Discord laughing at the old 12 USD FiveM Server Creator that got taken down.

This is a random project that I have created between the 1st and 4th of January, inspired by another FiveM server manager that was commercial and closed sourced (and ended up being taken down on 5mods, twice).

The good stuff about this Server Manager is that:
- 100% Free
- Is highly configurable
- The FiveM server builds are up to date
- You can have infinite servers
- Is open source under the MIT License
- High Quality Standards to deliver a great experience
- Open to suggestions


Note for 5mods Moderators
The FiveM License shown in the picture does not works, is an alphanumeric 32 character string generated by LastPass.

- Follow the instructions on the GitHub page

Get the code on GitHub.

- Initial Release

- FIX: The controls are no longer enabled when you try to create a data folder and the server is running
- FIX: Now you are no longer able to start a new server, edit the configuration or change the settings while the server is running (to avoid crashes)
- NEW: When the server crashes, the exit code is shown
- NEW: Added text editor
- NEW: Added option to change server.cfg (the server configuration) directly from the app

- FIX: The configuration is now stored correctly

- FIX: Now the application is x64 (64 bit) only
- FIX: Instead of showing the recent builds at the bottom, they are now shown at the top

- FIX: Things that are not builds no longer show on the build selector

- NEW: Added resource auto installer (just a beta, report any issue found)
- NEW: Updated HtmlAgilityParser from 1.8.11 to 1.8.12
- FIX: Now the builds are shown from recent to older (reverted because of the FiveM download update)

- NEW: Added scheduled restarts
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