vehicle_track2 shader patch 1.0


For some reason Rockstar loves to add great vehicle features and then hardcode them to only specific vehicles. This patch, brought to you directly from the Emperor's snowy castle, aims to remove one such limitation!

So, in this case, it is a vehicle shader known as "vehicle_track2," primarily used for animating engine belts. The way this shader works by default, is that it only animates the left side of the car and not the right side. As one can imagine, that is a big problem! There is a workaround for this actually, by breaking the model in a way where an entire object is flipped in such a way where it ends up on the left side of the car and then the game flips it back to the correct way when the vehicle is rendered in game, allowing the shader to work on the right side of the car as well. But from my experience that rarely worked, and felt too messy on the model for my liking. Additionally, that workaround does not apply the additional behavior to the animation, which is speed adjustment. The shader is also hardcoded in such a way that the speed of the animation is dependent on the amount of throttle, i.e. it's slower when idling and a lot faster when revving up. This patch makes it so that every car in the game, whether vanilla or modded, can have those effects applied to it... as long as the shader is present on the car, of course.

• Hardcoded effects of the vehicle_track2 shader enabled on every single car, now allowing it to animate on the right side of the car and adjust speed based on throttle.

Drop the "FubukiTrack2Patch.asi" file into the root directory of your Grand Theft Auto V installation.

• This was ONLY tested on the latest version (1.0.3028.0) of the game. If the script causes an infinite loading screen or an error popup at startup, that means you are on an unsupported version and the mod will not work!! Sorry.

• Me (Wildbrick142): The script.
Dilapidated and Tanuki: Open-source patches that hook into the game, which allowed me to learn how to make one myself.

You are allowed to:
• Use it on FiveM and/or other multiplayer client mods*
• Reupload it elsewhere
• Port it to FiveM (or ask FiveM) to make a custom native there or something so that cars on the platform use it there too.
as long as you give credit to me and everyone listed in the credits section.
*I reserve the right to deny any server from using it at my discretion.

You are NOT allowed to:
• Sell or monetize any content as part of my mods for any reason
• Use data or assets from this mod for your mod
without asking me first and giving credit to me and everyone listed in the credits section.

If you like what I do and are looking for a way to support me, you can do so on my Ko-Fi page. Thank you!

That's about it. Enjoy!
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