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Sure, there are already other bank mods. But this one differs, has 3 types of banks which are Fleeca, Pacific Standard, and Blaine County. Each bank has a different amount of money that they give you to start off and have different prices for opening and closing your accounts.

  • Different amounts of starting money based on which bank you're using
  • Withdrawal/Depositing Money
  • Ability to add this mod as a reference in your mods and add/remove money from there by typing SBS.AddToPlayerAccount or SBS.ChargePlayerAccount
  • Transaction Log (viewable only through jsons as of now)
  • Per player bank accounts (trevor, michael, and franklin have separate accounts. All other player models share one global account)

Version 1.0a
  • Initial Release

Version 1.1a
  • Added money transferring
  • Fixed issue where the mod would log withdrawals as deposits

Place the contents of SBS.rar into your scripts folder
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