Naked Semi Suppressor [.NET] 1.0.4

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Looking at a 1.0.4 within a week. Exploring some other options to boost performance but don't want to keep making people download over and over.

== v 1.0.3 deletes like 98-99% of naked semis on the road now. For some reason though, i'll see a couple on the road. Either the ontick isn't running fast enough to capture all spawns or something else is happening. ==

Basically this mod scans for semi trucks and deletes the ones that are trailer less. Essentially making all semi's appear with trailers. I may at some point dig deeper into the codes and see about making it more customizable via an ini file, but for now I'm happy with this.

I'm not a scripter but hacking stuff together to make it work and learning a bit of C# along the way. Was a little bothered by how many semi's I would see without a trailer.

Affects Hauler, Packer and Phantom. Does not check for any DLC or addon trucks.

Please leave feedback if you can and/or a like.


Requires Script Hook V and the latest Script Hook V Dot net


1. unzip or open archive and drag nakedSemiSuppressor.dll into your scripts folder.
2. if the script folder doesn't exist, create one.

1. delete nakedSemiSuppressor.dll from the scripts folder.


Looks like I didn't think about what would happen if a player was driving and detached the trailer. It still deletes the semi lol.

So I'll need to make another update to keep it from doing that. Look for that soonish.

Should be fixed now in v. 1.0.2

Looks like it deletes parked ones too. Whats the consensus, does that matter or no?

Semis now stay in parking lots or anywhere that isn't on the road, in v. 1.0.3


Please note, until the release of some of my other mods test stable on the new 2060 game version, I'm only able to test on 1868.4. Anyone who's on a newer version and can test can leave feedback on the comments section


v. 1.0.0 - Original release. uses the getallveh method and a few too many statements. Felt like there was noticeable performance drop.

v. 1.0.1 - Changed to only look at specific vehicles, namely the hauler, packer and phantom. Feels better in my opinion.

v. 1.0.2 - Updated code to ensure that the semi isn't deleted while player is in it or shortly afterwards. It does remove the vehicle if you get into another vehicle or move a good distance away.

v. 1.0.3 - Cleaned the code up. Included catches to exclude semis that are in the parking lots. Also the semis were being deleted if you blew up the trailers. Code has changed so it acts like vanilla.

v. 1.0.4 - Changed the code a bit to search in a 1000 (meter?) area around player and delete naked semis. I feel this is a better option. Let me know if there are any bugs experienced (part of the code does set semis health that initially spawn to a certain hp, due to some cleaning the game engine performs, it may remove the trailer but keep the semi).

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