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Thanks to Eddlm, PNWParksFan, ikt, Slick, Greskrendtregk and ReN

If you are not updating from a really old version, you should only require the LSlife.dll file inside the archive, if you copy all the files you may lose all your save data..

A dealing mod.

- Ring your dealer to get large amounts of drugs delivered.
- While you are dealing peds will approach you and ask to buy small amounts of drugs.
- If your Dealer likes you will be asked to deliver larger amounts around town.
- Stash house has health pack spawn, can be used to store weapons, cash and drugs. Make use of it.
- Vehicle stash can be used to store weapons, cash and drugs. Make use of this too.
- Store what you don't need. Peds will try to rob your stuff, kill them to get your stuff back.
- Police will confiscate all your stuff if Busted or Wasted while in possession of drugs. If your Stash Vehicle has been identified this and its contents will also be confiscated.
- Heat Bar represents your current chance of being snitched on
- Your chance to be snitched on for dealing increases as the more customers you interact with. Not interacting with cutstomers will decrease Heat
- Staying to long on one Street will effect your Heat its possible to get to a point where you can not lose Heat. Moving to a new Street will decrease your Heat faster. The more streets the better.
- Being wanted in an area or having Heat in an area will increase that area's areaHeat over time, being snitched on will increase it considerably.
- To much areaHeat in an area will increase your chance of being snitched.
- areaHeat is area dependant, areaHeat will go down slowly over time when you are not wanted. If you are dealing, it will not go down in the area you are in, it can only go up.
- Wealth of an area will affect the chance of being snitched on or being attacked. Rich areas snitch, Poor areas rob.
- Wealth affects how much and what drug a customer is willing to buy. Rich areas prefer cocaine over crack, poor areas crack over cocaine. Weed is wanted everywhere.
- Police will try to bust you if they see you handing over drugs.

- For detailed instructions on how to install and use this script:
- Copy LSlife.dll, LSlife.ini files and LSLife folder into your /scripts folder.
- Config your prefered keys in the INI.
- There is a debug flag in the ini if you set it to true a lot of information will by sent to the ui.
- Ring Zee to buy or sell drugs. You will find him at the bottom of your contact list.
- Push the SetDrugCar(config in ini) button while in a vehicle to set this vehicle as your storage vehicle, this vehicle will persist between games.
- To store stuff in your configured Storage vehicle approach the rear and follow the prompt.
- MAIN key in INI will show you information such as how much you are carrying, your debt and current dealing status.

Known Issues:
- If you replace your storage vehicle your old storage vehicles inventory will be transferred to the new one.
- Weapons not currently removed from storage vehicle inventory when destroyed or seized by the police.

Requires iFruitAddon2 and NativeUI - please make sure you have the latest version of both as some older versions are being included with some mods you may have.
Tested on SHVDN 2.10.12+

Recommended Mods:
Fine-Tuned Felony & Response

Please comment with any bugs you find, or any annoyances that can be improved.

For change log please view the forum post.
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