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About the mod

I created this script in the intention of making the minimap more "alive", to be honest at this stage it is something very simple, with a display mechanic that works as follows: when the player is inside a helicopter the location of all helipads present in the game will appear on the map, with an animation that resembles the airport beacons.



  • Adds to the game the possibility of visualizing helipad locations via interactive blips;
    • it is possible to change the color (default color = yellow) of the blip via the "BlipColor.ini" file;

  • Contains the automatic identification of any new helipads ("prop_helipad_01" and "prop_helipad_02") that are added to the game;


  1. Extract from the .rar file the "HelideckSignaling.dll" file and the folder named "HelideckSignaling";
  2. Place the extracted files in your script folder


  • []
    • This version fixes the duplicate blips bug and adds the possibility to manually insert blips through a new file called "NativeHelipads".

  • []
    • Add the ability to change the color of the animated circle in the .ini file;
    • I changed the system of hiding the unselected blips, to when the player is in the air and no longer when he moves. Solves the problem of blips disappearing out of nowhere.

  • []
    • I added the blips to the property category, and now you can see the name of the place where the helipad is located, along with adding colors, thus making the information more prominent. Also introduced a new mechanic that activates the hiding of those blips not selected with the waypoint when the player moves. Example in this short video.

  • []
    • In this version I added the last native helipad in the game and introduce a logic that allows the automatic identification of new helipads in the game, adding by Ymap, Add-on, Xml, etc.. Example in this short video.

  • []
    • Added three more helipads.

  • []
    • I added the capability that when a helipad is selected on the map it becomes visible at long distances. See the example here in this short video.

  • []
    • Initial release.

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