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Welcome to the Los Santos Fight championship, here you can fight the best brawlers in the city, some gangsters get in the ring but only one will get out. Pick up the number of opponents, more opponents mean more money, but also, more difficulty. You can also try the Los Santos Fight championship, a tournament of 5 rounds of intense melee combat with no rest and no mercy. Think carefully before joining a fight, while inside the cage, you can t abandon it. Can you survive?


-Added Stone hatchet

-Fight championship added, it consist of 5 rounds of fight without health recharge. First round is with one opponent and last one is against five.

-Pick up the number of opponents that you want(from 1 to 5)
-You can enable or disable the melee weapons. In this case you and the other fighters recieve a random melee weapon.
-NO GUNS ALLOWED, if you shoot you get disqualificated.
-The fight championship competition isn t finished yet (this is a beta version, it is going to be similar to the TBOGT fight competitions)
-If you choose fight with more opponents, the reward money will be more $1000 (1 fighter) and $6000 (5 fighters)
-When you finish a fight, you need to press the "E" key to get out of the ring
-To use the menu you must go to the red marker, and when the menu is up, press the NUMPAD KEYS(1,2,3,4 or 5, according to the number of opponents)

-The opponents doesn t attack you at the same time, I don t know why.
-Sometimes an opponent spawns outside the fence and you can t beat him

REQUIREMENTS(thanks to @Skull Face):
ScripthookVdotnet (tested with v2.9.4)
.Net framework 4.5

INSTALL: Just put the FightC.vb inside your scripts folder and have fun

NOTE: This mod is free source, so it means that YOU ARE FREE TO MODIFY this script. And I invite to all modders to release the source code of their scripts because it is a way to keep the modding community growing up. I looked a lot to other source codes from other scripts and that helped me a lot. The only condition to modify and upload a modded version of this script is that you release the source code of the modified ones. And don t forget to put my name in the credits.

Special thanks to: @JulioNIB of his scripting tutorials and @Skull Face for the cage and crowd map.
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