Dynamic Vehicle First Person Camera 1.0.1

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Dynamic Vehicle First Person

A custom first person vehicle camera script, with inertia effects, dynamic horizon lock, depth of field effects and a lot of customizability.

Originally made within Manual Transmission as a fix for locked camera with synced wheel animations, but it got too big, so I extracted it into a standalone script.

Settings and demo lap on the Nordschleife in Wanted188's GTR R32

Note: The steering animations and the player body not jerking forwards on braking is part of Manual Transmission's steering improvements.



Copy DynamicVehicleFirstPerson.asi, DismembermentASI.asi and the DynamicVehicleFirstPerson folder to the GTA V folder.

Alternatively, you may put the DynamicVehicleFirstPerson folder in %localappdata%\ikt\ if the GTA V folder is not writeable for the script.


Use cheat 'dfpv' (without quotes) to open the menu. (Open the cheat console using the tilde (~) key, which is left to your 1 key, under the Escape key)

All camera settings are adjusted within the menu, with descriptions for what each option does.

The first person camera automatically activates when the camera is switched to first person view.

Refer to the included README.txt for more information, and how to configure the various configuration and camera possibilities.


* Improve seat location detection for looking back
* Looking back now consistently looks over the left shoulder for centered seats (motorcycles)
* Looking back now considers the existing rotation and continues in that direction
* Looking back now considers window presence, and leans full distance when window is rolled down or broken
* Disable in-vehicle audio on motorcycles (fixes missing reverb)


Initial release after splitting off from Manual Transmission.

Changes since Manual Transmission 5.5.1:

Camera management:

* The "Vehicle1", "Vehicle2" and "Driver Head" cameras, and their "Bike" duplicates, are replaced by a system
with multiple user-addable cameras per vehicle configuration, with "Vehicle" and "Driver Head" mount point being a
property of the Camera.
* Cameras in a single configuration are now easier to switch between, in the main menu.

Camera functionality:

* Add camera shake from vehicle speed (configurable, enabled by default)
* Add camera shake from terrain (configurable, enabled by default)
* Add depth of field effect (Requires Very High PostFX, disabled by default)
* Add vertical and lateral movement in response to physics
* "Lean" (how far to move the camera while looking back) is now configurable
* Accessories (helmets, hats, glasses) are now removed when entering FPV and are restored when switching back
* Fix horizon lock for looking backwards
* Fix horizon lock jumpy behavior while rolled over
* Fix vehicles lacking seat bones non-functional vehicle mount
* Fix FPV visual glitches: Traffic lights, rain particles, etc.
* Fix FPV audio: Now uses normal FPV audio
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