Consciousness (NPC AI tweaks) [.Net] 0.2.1 Alpha


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Please, treat this version as an open alpha test. The mod can contain bugs or/and shortcomings. You're welcome to leave any bug report in the comments sections

As the mod is growing it would be more comfortable to discuss any matters in Discord


Consciousness is a mod aiming to improve how enemies (except cops) interact with player during various situations & increase the interaction time when player hides.

What's implemented in current version [0.2 Alpha]: Trailer

Place Consciousness.dll into "scripts" folder.
You'll need Script Hook V & Script Hook .NET

  • Removed debug info

0.2 [Trailer]:
  • Fleeing/Disarming animations are now more smooth
  • NPC location feedback. NPC's will shout to inform allies of player's presence
  • If NPC decides to abandon the fight and flee, their blip will change color and start to flash
  • Introduced config file

0.1 (TL;DR: Video):
  • When enemies losing contact, after some time they will start looking for a player around the area where they were previously seen.
  • Enemies also react on sounds made by player
  • Attracting attention of a single enemy alerts other enemies
  • There's a chance player won't be noticed using silenced weapons
  • There's also an ability to disarm enemies
  • If an enemy is seriously injured, there's a slim chance they'll abandon a fight and run away.
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