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Advanced Vehicle Spawns, or AVS for short, is a modification for GTA 5 to provide the user a way of setting and designating a variety of different vehicles to spawn throughout different areas of the game.
The modification allows the user the ability to setup multiple spawn locations for any vehicle to spawn at. You may designate a spawn probability in order to cause some vehicles to be less (or more!) likely to spawn over others.

This is a lot like PlasticTangerine's Create Your Own Natural Vehicle Spawns except I've heard that it is currently not functional in the latest version, and that it does not have a lot of features that this one does.

DISCLAIMER: This does NOT support dynamic vehicles (vehicle driving around), and it does NOT inject vehicles into traffic. This is ONLY for stationary/parked vehicles!

- ScriptHookVDotNet
- ScriptHookV
- Native UI(included in download)
All prerequisites of the above requirements.
Installation instructions present in guide.

All usage information present in the guide. Read it thoroughly!

Reporting bugs
As this mod is still in beta, bugs are to be expected, but I tried to crush most of them. Anyways, if there are still bugs present, report them in the comment section and I'll try my best to squish them!

If you are updating from a version BELOW 0.2.2, please use the Avs Ini Updater, by dragging your group ini files into the EXE. It will then automatically update them to be compatible with the new version!

Changelog in guide file.
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