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This is a deadpool mod that requires OpenIV, *DO NOT USE THIS MOD ONLINE YOU MIGHT GET BANNED*. The files are *currently* pngs and until I convert it to a ytd file, the only way I know how to install it is the method below. If one of you know how to convert it to a ytd file please tell me, for some reason this doesnt work with my ToolKit Editor (yes i have tried with a .dds file). If you manage to install then have fun!

Install instructions:
1.Extract the file onto your computer and open OpenIV
2.Navigate to x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streampeds_players\player_one
3. Enable edit mode
4. Double click accs_diff_003_a_uni, then click on replace, and then navigate to where you stored the deadpool file, and replace with accs_diff_003_a_uni.png (Make sure it says DTX1 and automatically generate MIP maps, do this for the rest of the files.(Sorry I couldn't convert to a ytd file so until I [or you] do this is the only way I know how to install the mod, I'll leave a video for you guys if your confused)
5. Press file rebuild, rebuild again and wait until its done.
5. Start GTA V and use the Character Menu mod to put on the deadpool costume, or go to your wardrobe and select skydiving (note, if you go to your wardrobe you wont use the mask or gloves)

Video if you need help:

Mods I recommend with this mod; Katana Mode and Character Menu (and obviously NativeTrainer)

Update Log:
Update 1.5 - Upper arm pads are now black
- Two masks, mask A and mask B (with three colour straps for mask a)
- Added "Deadpool Gloves"
- Darkened the black colur and sharpened the red.
- Removed white stripes on wrist and upper arm.

Feel free to comment below if you need help installing.
I also wouldn't mind some pointers on how to make this texture better. :)
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