Beta-Trailer Business man(Add-on) 1.0

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When the finance crisis of 2008 hit America and the World, he was there.

When Los Santos begin to suffer an bigger increase of live cost, he was there.

When the first trailer of this 10 year old was launched in 2011, he was there too, putting an sign of sale in his 2405 residence, but never to be seen again..or heard.

But now he returned from the unknown to join the madness of this world, especially Los Santos and their crazy residents, and your vicious gameplay of yours!!

Now you can forget the low quality stuff in your life, he is about you show you the good old times with a big dose of 'Gabagool, Conspiracy Theories, Blondies in 80's and 90's commercials, and of course, the future that you may not know about December trailer and the 2024 events, but he knows! So watch ya waiting for! Get along with Busicas in his unforseen adventure in San Andreas, and pray that his intentions are similar to yours..or ya know..hope for the best!

My first ever from zero creation of a ped. Recreating, by many details as possible, the cut ped that was seen in the first Grand Theft Auto V trailer in November of 2011, putting an sign of for sale in Mirror Park. He was cut of the game, but i decided to add even more faces and textures to him, making an add-on to the City of Los Santos.

This was created by me from zero, using assets from vanilla characters to make similar to the beta version(Ballas gang members, multiplayer assets, Bill Binder and Hipsters)

Bugs: His hands are little broken, floating in 1cm out way between the arm and the hands, it won't affect the ped itself or the animations). I fix it when i find a workaround, capiche!

Instructions: Since it's a add-on and not a replace ped, you can put in x64e, or any ped folder of your like. Simple and easy(but i explain):
With OpenIV, drop the ped files in these locations (x64e.rpf, models, cdimages, find the a m y or any folder there)

pedprops(glasses): Drop in files containing the p one in the pedprops.rpf.

peds.ymt: Just copy the one inside of the download one, and put in any section, you can find the ymt file in update, update.rpf, x64, data (Use of the mods folder is recommend for these steps)

Disclaimer and credits:

Thank you the OpenIV team and the Alexander Blade for the amazing tool and OpenFormats, and once Rockstar Games for this amazing game!

Q: Can i use this ped for FiveM and my server
A: Nope, if doing so, this will infrige the Rockstar and Take Two current and upcoming EULA's

Q: Can i edit
A: Nope, otherwise i can use EULA stuff on my defense, so be nice :)

But feel free to edit the textures only, not the ped.

This mod is only allowed to be posted here, only for now GTA5mods.net with my personal approval can post this ped in their site, doing above my claim it's considered stealing.

All rights reserved©
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