Border Patrol, DHS & LS Sheriff Buffalo Texture Pack v1.3

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This is a texture mod for Yard1's Bravado Police Buffalo that changes the car textures to the style of the Los Santos Sheriff's Department's (LSSD) default cruiser and granger, and US Department of Homeland Security (DHS)'s US Customs vehicles and US Border Patrol vehicles.
* If you don't want the LS Sheriff's cars, or the don't want the Homeland Security cars, there's 3 folders within the "Cars" folder in the download that has 3 setups: The first setup has all 4 liveries on one car (LSSD Default Cruiser style, LSSD Granger style, US Customs, US Border Patrol). The next has 2 different liveries of the US Customs car and 2 liveries of the US Border Patrol car on one car. The 3rd and final setup is only LSSD cars; There's 2 liveries for the white Buffalo, and 2 liveries for the granger style Buffalo.

UPDATE: v1.1

Model files are NOT provided in the download. You must go to Yard1 to get the 2 required .yft files.
Yard1's files can be found here

** This does not change the setup of the different livery combinations provided. They all use the same model. You need the same .yft files for any of the 3 different setups provided.
Sorry for any inconvenience

** The files are set up to replace police2 (Police Buffalo), however, there are detailed instructions in ReadMe.txt on how to make this vehicle an add-on car, instead of replacing police2. I recommend making it an add-on car, because it doesn't make much sense to replace LSPD city police with Sheriff and Homeland Security skins.
If you're adding on vehicles, I recommend using Hudi_01's mod to add up to 20 new police cars! This mod can be found here

However, if you choose to replace police2 with this vehicle, I recommend downloading Rare Police Vehicles Spawn Naturally mod (requires very little installation), due to the fact that the Buffalo is very rare in-game without a vehicle spawner.

Yard1 for UV-Map, template and light bar
NO569 for the Homeland Security and LSSD textures

The character models shown in some of the screenshots are Unmutual & Custo's NOOSE Patriotism & Immigration Authority Pack, which can be found here

UPDATE: v1.2

Added NOoSE/HomelandSecurity texture for Granger. Originally designed as a replacement for a texture in Unmutual & Custo's
NOOSE Patriotism & Immigration Authority Pack. This pack can be found here

The texture also works to replace the default Park Ranger Granger's texture!
UPDATE: v1.3
Made some changes to the Granger Style LS Sheriff Buffalo for accuracy.
Added higher quality screenshots.

Detailed installation instructions for both replacing police2 and making this car an add-on are both in ReadMe.txt

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