The Weather Man Mod 2.0

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There are long beautiful days. Clear visibility and not many clouds.
Soon the clouds start rolling in, you see in the distance a storm-a brewin' looks like a big one.
As the night progresses you see a dense fog appear, finally the storm quiets down.
but its not over yet, quick flashes of rain on and off, said the weather man.
Then suddenly the sun breaks apart from the darkness, and restores peace onto Los Santos.
Just another day.

Note:*This mod does NOT include files from my other Mods.

Mod Changes:
Just lowered the mist on some
weather cycles to reduce lag issues.

Complete new cycle started from scratch.
No snow, lightsnow, blizzard,
*But still used as weather patterns for effect.
*Didnt use neutral weather.
Emitters bigger, last longer.
3 types of rain!
3 types of thunder!
3 types of fog!
--Types----Setting Changes--
Extrasunny--No Haze= Perfect visib.
Clear--Less Haze= Good visib.
Clouds-- Hazy no fog
Smog--Add Haze, some fog
Foggy-- Heavy fog
Overcast--Hazy foggy and gloomy
Rain--Foggy rain drizzle
Thunder--Foggy thunderstorm
Clearing--light rain little haze
Snow--Raining Hard no mist
Blizzard--Thunder Harder no mist
Snowlight--Windy Mist
Xmas--Windy Mist Storm
^Screens will be listed in order as above^
Starting from Extrasunny ending with Xmas

*due to different fog variations, it is recommended to use a GFX card better than GTX 570 1.3Gbs or turn your settings down a bit if you experience lag issues.
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