Police Assaults & Improved Chases 1.1


Ever wondered why NOOSE in Police Mavericks carry Carbine Rifles? Well no more, this mod will fix SWAT in helicopters to use Sniper Rifles like true sharpshooters. However, SWAT Helicopters (that rappel) will still be armed with Carbines as they use the SWAT Loadout.

This mod also improves AI Tweaks and Police Dispatch to be realistic while not spawning a lot of models, just simple reuse of vanilla SWAT and AI Tweaks.
dispatch.meta goes to
mods > update > update.rpf > common > data
loadouts.meta and combatbehaviours.meta and weapons.meta and pedaccuracy go to
mods > update > update.rpf > common > data > ai
That's it, you have the basic installation, now if you want to have a bit more improved AI, then follow this. (WARNING! If you install these, Police Response & Tactics Overhaul Lite Edition will be not compatible, so please choose wisely).
combattasks.ymt and wantedtuning.ymt go to
mods > update > update.rpf > x64 > data > tune

Dispatch System has been overhauled too and cops are more tactical and SWAT more aggressive. Police now only spawn during pursuits as part of roadblocks or they spawned previously during lower wanted stars.
Police Dispatch:
1 Star:
Police will arrive to investigate, will arrest the player if spotted.
2 Stars:
More police arrive, lethal force will now be used.
Police will build roadblocks during pursuit.
3 Stars:
No more police spawn, situation has been handled over to SWAT Units
Police Helicopter will be dispatched with a sniper
Police in roadblocks will wear kevlar vests now.
Police spikestrips will be used.
4 Stars:
Increased amount of SWAT to 8 units.
SWAT will likely use FIB Grangers now, Fort Zancudo uses armoured marines
SWAT Helicopters arrive to rappel SWAT.
SWAT will use Riot Vans in roadblocks.
5 Stars:
Increased amount of SWAT to 10 units.
Annihilators will be used for Snipers.

AI Tweaks:
Gangs now use BF_UseEnemyAccuracyScaling
Cops will blind fire when in cover and also take cover as more often.
Cops cannot charge.
SWAT can throw 1 more teargas at you. Originally, they we're only able to do it once, and wait a delay to do it again.
Soldiers use full auto firing pattern.
Security use stationary combat behaviour

Recommended Mods:
Police Response & Tactics Overhaul Lite Edition (for if you dont like the AI tweaks from this, but want the dispatch, make sure to not use the combattasks.ymt and wantedtuning.ymt from MY mod but use the ones that came from PRTO)
Better Chases+ (improves chases a bit)
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