Sprunk to Coke Billboard Mod V2 Final

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=V2 Final=

This is the refined and final version of my stand alone billboard mod.
I went back into photoshop and basically reduxed just about everything in order to contend with the miss shaped sprunk colo bottleneck that looked a little off in my original.
Taking from a coka cola ad I pretty much had to re-composite every element, from the coke bottle, to the sprays of liquid...
Just about everything in the image is a separate layer.

This is a replacement texture and LOD's for the giant sprunk colo sign on the sunset strip.
I created this completely from scratch in photoshop and managed to make imo a pretty cool and realistic coka cola replacement.

This is just a teaser for my complete realism overhaul for all the billboards.
My goal is not to just throw any old texture, rather strategically placed & chosen images that still fit seamlessly into the game.
All the lod's are included here. (I will release no mod without LOD support!)

How to install:

First of course you need the latest version of openIV...

- Extract the contents of to a temporary folder of your choosing, start up openIV & enable "edit mode".
- Navigate to your root GTA 5 game folder and open the "x65l.rpf".
- The install locations below will show you were to navigate & replace the files.
- Just follow the directions in conjunction with the directories shown & simply drag and drop from the "files: folder within this archive..

Install locations:
- goes in -

- goes in -
"x64l rpf\levels\gta5\_citye\sunset\ss1_13.rpf\ss1_13_lod.ytd"

- goes in -
"x64l rpf\levels\gta5\_citye\sunset\sunset.rpf\ss1_lod_06_06b_13_14_children.ytd"
- goes in -
"x64l rpf\levels\gta5\_citye\sunset\ss1_13.rpf"

- The "ss1_13_billboard_start.ydr" is a model file & only contains one modified texture by me.
Other textures within it only relate to the billboard itself, so there is no reason it should interfere with any of your current texture mods.
-I haven't noticed any bugs or missing lod's as yet but if you find any problems please report it on the boards here.
-Back up your files!
- Lod's are going to be a problem with any future texture mods that anyone releases..
I assume all users understand that any previous mods relating to textures may be overwritten by another.
-I will not be held responsible for any damage done to your game and or hardware.

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