Haunted's Euphoria Overhaul 3.0

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I'd like to note:
1. 1.1 is still included in the download with 2.0 if you'd like to use the older version
2. The issue with driver seat cops getting out and being extremely weak & ragdolling. Same goes for LSPDFR whenever you get out of the car & fall. (This could be any mod that configures cops in away way, but i don't see how)

Greetings traveler
Welcome to my first attempt at making a mod. I had experimented with the files seeing if i can make my own and well, here we are. I am not aiming for realism, I am aiming for a more exaggerated style.

Requirements to install

1. Open OpenIV
2. Go in edit mode
3. Drag and drop, or open the OIV package using the Package Installer

This is for SP and not FiveM.

Mod Recommendations
Realistic Blood FX 1.8
More Gore
IV Style knockdowns
Player Bullet Ragdoll Reactions 1.0.1
Low Life Crime 1.1c (Not recommended if doing a story playthrough)

Version Logs


- Adjusted different reactions to different guns
- Better stumbling
- Better reactions depending where shot
- Grabs onto surroundings when possible
- No longer has over exaggerated reactions when shot in the head
- Stiffer taser reactions
- Smoother reactions
- Toned down falling and rolling reactions
- Less exaggerated, but more accurate reactions to GTA IV (This means it isn't as exaggerated as before, but more similar to GTA IV while being a bit more realistic)
- Increased grab strength
- Improved stiffness


- Adjusted pedbounds.xml values & physicstask.ymt location(s)
- Added OIV uninstaller
- Removed manual installation
- Removed Herobrine


- Added OIV installers for 1.1 & 2.0
- Added various on-ground reactions (Such as grabbing wounds, rolling around)
- Added "pediksettings" to edit the process of obtaining joint angles from known coordinates of end effector
- Better falling reactions
- Better height reactions
- Better jumping out of car reactions
- Better rolling reactions
- Changed balancing/stumble (Depending on the gun)
- Edited and added various different reactions to guns (Depending on the gun will have different reactions such as less stumbling or instant falling)
- Melees don't instantly knock peds down (Depends whether the ped or you are running)
- Peds will grab wounds more if not holding a 2 handed gun
- Stiffer taser reactions


- Added more stumble
- Added a better "alien.xml" file
- Added "pedbounds.xml" and "pedhealth.meta" to have better mass and less weak npcs
- Configured the stiffness by a bit
- Fixed buggy (flying) ragdolls from V1.0


- Initial release
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