Interaction Menu Disabler with additional inputs removal [Keyboard and Controller] 1.4.1 (HOTFIX Update) with LSPDFR Compatibility

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update 1.4.1 is NOW Compatible with LSPDFR

Highly requested mod by one of Geoffrey Gamer's Discord members. This mod removes the interaction menu in SP.

You need:



Keyboard Install:

GTA V/mods/update/update.rpf/x64/data/control

Controller Install:

GTA V/mods/update/update.rpf/x64/common/data/control

Back Up files is INCLUDED!



- Removed "INPUT_LOOK_BEHIND" input to prevent conflict with Grammar Police Radio.
- Accidentally removed the wrong input for "INPUT_VEH_AIM" - This update fixes that issue.
- Removed "INPUT_VEH_AIM", "INPUT_VEH_ATTACK", and "INPUT_VEH_ATTACK" inputs to prevent accidental flipping the bird at random NPC's
- Restored "INPUT_ATTACK" and "INPUT_AIM" inputs
- Removed "INPUT_DUCK" input to prevent potential conflicts with certain mods for LSPDFR.

I want to apologize for the last update, I accidentally messed up with the default.meta file for the keyboard. This update should resolve any issues some one is having. Hopefully this is the last update for a while. Enjoy!


- Removed Melee Inputs from Keyboard and Controller to prevent accidental melee
- Removed Cover input to prevent accidental going into cover when not needed to
- Removed the input when you dont have a weapon equipped in vehicle to prevent accidental flipping the bird
(requested by a LSPDFR user in a Facebook group)

Note: The new updated files are located in "Controller (with Action Replay and Pause Menu Disabled)"
and "Keyboard (With Action Replay and Pause Menu (P Key) disabled )" folders, install them.


- By request, I now took the suggestion, now removed Action Replay along with the mod
- Pause Menu "P" key is now disabled entirely but Escape Key remains unaffected
- Only use the new version of this with Action Replay disabled if you're not going to use the Rockstar Editor


* Fixed the issue with the back up file not restoring back to Original meta
* No changes to the modded meta files


* Released


You can use this mod in your game. You are NOT allowed to redistribute this mod anywhere else including GTA5-Mods. Redistribution of this mod will result in a DMCA takedown notice. This mod is only uploaded to 5Mods, Itch.io and NexusMods Only. If you see this on another site, please notify me and I'll take action. Your PC security is my top priority, I don't put no malicious files in my mod files.
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