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Changelog Below

Some people may dislike how bright it is during the day and during sunset/sunrise. However, that is the aim of this ENB. It's called Intensity for a reason. This is just for the people that like vibrant colors and enjoy having intensified god rays.

This is my first time making my own ENB so please forgive me if it's not the best. Constructive criticism is appreciated. Let me know if you want anything changed.

What have I changed?

  • Added more reflection and specular on wheels.
  • Added more vehicle reflection
  • Increased sky intensity
  • Increased star intensity
  • Slightly edited sun color when sunrise and sunset.

    and more.

    v1.02 Changelog:

  • Lowered wheel reflection

  • v1.03 Changelog:

  • Increased moon intensity
  • Increased vibrancy (Optional)

  • v1.04 Changelog:

  • Added comparison screens in the download (WIP)
  • Replaced the old preview screens on the website. Better Quality.

  • v1.05 Changelog:


  • Explosion Settings:
  • Explosion_Radius 100.0

  • Bloom:
  • BloomThreshold 30.00
  • BloomPower 3.00

  • Cineon DPX settings:
  • ColorGamma 1.0

  • Vibrance Settings:
  • Vibrance 0.50

  • Curves settings:
  • Curves_mode 2
  • Curves_contrast 0.50

  • Lowered Moon Intensity

    Lowered Sun Intensity

    Lowered Sky Intensity
  • @ Sunset
  • @ Sunrise
  • @ Daytime

  • Changed screens on the website again

    Finished the comparison screens in the download

    Added a changelog in the download

    Added a bugs txt file in the download

    Removed the optional vibrance option

    Added a video showcasing the mod

  • Some areas of the map are too bright
  • Some of the weather options make the game look weird/bright
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