Ugase City: Fall Update [Add-On SP / FiveM] V2.1 Singleplayer Hotfix

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A wonderful fictional town and mountainous area (based in Japan ofc...) great for costal cruises, medium speed chases, tight touges and even TIGHTER drifting spots. This island has plenty of winding roads for the fans of technical courses. The tighter town areas are suited best for compacts and photoshoots. With the coast being filled with longer corners and more straights, faster vehicles can work nicely there. And with lighting scattered throughout the island you're bound to enjoy night drives as well. Ugase is tight but can reward those who seek a change of scenery and driving style

LOCATED JUST NORTH OF PALETO BAY. If you drive along the beach you can see it spawn

THANK YOU FOR 2K DOWNLOADS... more to come

VERSION 2.1 Hotfix
(DELETE THE OLD DLC.RPF COMPLETELY. This one has a new folder structure)
- Fixed loading issues with Singleplayer installations
- Increased loading distance for trees
- Updated readme files for all packs
FIVEM Package Only: Only need to replace the YTYP's for this update

TONS of fixes, optimizations, and some new additions
- NEW: Optional Autumn/Fall and downscaled textures for vegetation (Check pictures AND DOWNLOAD SECTION)
- Fixed a lot of missing geometry (vertices limits caused objects to be incomplete after render)
- Improved materials for wetness levels, shininess and clarity
- Updated road/grass/gravel textures and materials (Normal/Spec)
- Fixed all textures that were missing mipmaps (some textures still can't be fixed because they aren't powers of 2)
- Removed fake sea and various floating objects
- Reworked volumetric lighting
- Fixed and added missing collisions. Some collisions will still be iffy because of the geometry issues with the original models
- Map now has reflection on cars (Thanks -Danchou- 2344 on Discord for that!)
- Optimized loading distance on many objects

Initial release

How to install:
SINGLEPLAYER (if you know gta 5 sp modding just skip this honestly):
-Drop the basedugasecity folder into the dlcpacks folder (Located at mods>update>x64>dlcpacks)
-Make sure to put the basedugasecity into the dlclist.xml (mods>update>update.rpf>common>data)
Make sure you have ScriptHookV, OpenIV, No Boundary Limits, a Trainer and custom gameconfig (all can be found on this website). I haven't tested this in single player so take that as you will

This FiveM packaged version is already setup tbh. Just drop it in whatever resource folder you see fit.

- No traffic (more of an optional feature that might be added in the future)
- Some textures look like watercolor paintings (orig textures were low res, I upscaled them with AI but still look odd)

I WILL NOT RESPOND TO THOSE WHO ASK HOW TO INSTALL THIS. Gta 5 been out for 10 years. Better go watch yt tutorial. I WILL HELP THOSE WHO have reported legitimate issues and bugs.

For the love of god please link to this page if anyone asks who made this. All I ask is ppl give me credit. You can use it for any media creation, FiveM and RageM included. Like I said just give credit. A lot of mods get stolen and resold nowadays. I go by Based(based6157 on discord) or FLXX on other platforms since I can't change my name here.

Original map (made for Assetto Corsa) I got from https://shinshu-an.stores.jp . Credit for the original map goes to those creators. I just converted it to GTA 5.

Tools used
Kn5 Converter
Photoshop CS6
Blender Sollumz

p.s I will update Fukuoka eventually. Just give a little more time pls. thanks
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