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We share our work for free, and allow people to make some more complete map
We don't ask for anything, but a little credit for the work shared could motiv us ;)

Addon Props V3 :

Are you mapper or map user ?
Would you like to spawn/use an interior ? a fat build ? a mountain part or simply MR Logbeer ? No problem, it will be possible !

This mod is aimed to bring back the colision on gta 5 objects that were missing it (build, land, rock, misc etc), and also remove the restriction on loading area to get object valid. With some new custom prop ported to gta also
so it will multiply the possibilty and unleash your creativity.

It's pretty BETA, and will probably stay at this point seeing the time and the work needed (any feedback are greatly welcome)

Also there is some bug of collision/shader/etc that we try to fix when possible

We just want to increase mappers possibilty with this mod, and if anyone want help us on it he will be really welcome ;)
Every people that would like to share their prop with all mappers can be co-author.
We really need HELP on this mod cause it's a huge work and more we will be better it will be.

Version 1 :
The V1 mostly add rock and land object but also few build and other misc (91 objects)

Version 2 :
Mostly add airport build, a huge garage interior, free to map house, and some misc

Version 3 :
Few build with custom version + one with interior / cultist tower and log fence / Biggest Bridge / 25 wall and few roof and other minor thing / city road 1

Next version : ( Soon)
More landscape ( and more detailled ;), building, road, bridge, few interior, misc, wall etc etc


Requirments :

> You gonna need an object spawner ( Map Editor , Menyoo , etc)

> Requir Gtaunlockallobject ! OR ! MenyOo (i recomend menyoo even if you only map with map editor cause it's a nice trainer with a lot of option and he is pretty well completing map editor on ped and vehicle option)

> OpenIV

Steps :
> 1°) Exctract the zip and open OpenIV

> 2°) find the " package instaler " option (represented by three little box) and choose adp.OIV

> 3°) Instal and choose To ! NORMAL FOLDER ! ( don't use mods folder for THIS file, also it don't remplace any existing gta file )

> 4 ) Locate your Dlclist.xml ( X\GtaV\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml )

> 5 ) Copy it to " MODS " folder,
Then extract it where you want (till you remember where ;P)

> 6 ) Open it and ADD the Line " dlcpacks:\addonprops\ "
after the line that have the same code (not at the end of the text but a bit before. Also, don't forget the tags that goes before and after the line to open/close it.)

> 7 ) Replace the dlclist.xml that you copyed in MODS FOLDER previously by the one you JUST EDITED (with the new line of step 6)

> 8 ) Open " AddToYourObjectlist " ctrl + A to select all / ctrl + c to copy everything

> 9 ) Open Your Object spawner " Objectlist / proplist " (depend if it's map editor or menyoo) and ctrl + v everything at the begining of the objectlist
Then save

10 °) Enjoy ! And leave feedback, suggestion if you've any ;)

! People will need this mod in order to load your maps !

Mainly Used Tag ;

Knowed BUG :
basic collision type (mostly the stairs ladder and veg bug, and supersportive can go trought object, and only basic Fx displayed)
(report any bug via forum chat before crying please ;P)
Also some weather and time set can affect the landscape (like rain will give a fucking specular thing to object ;S

Restriction :
We don't allow people (except for co-author) to reupload these props

Credit :
A big thank to Dekurwinator, Postal and all other for their help ;)
to Method for his AddOn Prop Tool
to Omegakingmods to motiv me to do this mod
Guadmaz and Maffins for their cOol spawner
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