Bivouac 1.0


Design by IamMistahWolf

Now that 'hostilites' between the Merryweather firm and Infinity Group have been 'amicably' settled, the observation post setup to observe their activities is no longer needed. This pre-fab 'Bivouac' can be an alternative semi-off-grid home or working facility for the 'independent minded' individual or professional.

Nestled atop the 'inactive' warehouse at the far end of the Elysian Island docks, your new Bivouac is perfectly set for secure and 'clandestine' living/operations. The Bivouac comes complete with rooftop perimeter surveillance and an improvised helipad. Reinforced fencing surrounding the shelter topped with razorwire and a gate lock will keep any 'unprepared interlopers out while you are 'on mission' to get supplies or....

Inside the small compound you'll have a complete set of barbells, barbecue grill and area to conduct 'digestive operations' or plan your next 'mission' with your team. Inside the shelter there is a fully functional 'hygene area' with a working shower and 'waste evacuation recepticle'. In the adjacent interior, a spacious area to rest and work with a few 'comforts' to ease your 'Spartan' lifestyle will make your stay all the better! Three high-capacity solar panels power your lights, waterpumps and other electrical devices. A secure satellite link provides you with access to the internet 'light or dark' and full cable access! Last, but not least there is semi-hidden parking for one medium-sized vehicle and one motorcycle below. Lots of 'unauthorized activity' happens around this location, so long as you don't get too 'obvious' with your choice of vehicles, no one will notice your comings and goings.

This is a hot property and it can be yours! Contact your nearest Infinity Group Representative to buy, rent or lease the Bivouac today!

Map Builder Discovery or later versions

Place the 'Bivouac' XML file into Menyoo's 'Spooner' file.

Known Bugs: None

Note: All doors and gates are functional. To 'lock' the Main Gate, Shelter Door or 'Hygene Door' go into 'Spooner's Database' and select entities '18, 19 or 21'. Enable the option 'frozen in place'. To 'unlock', deselect that option. WARNING: DO NOT ENABLE 'DYNAMIC'and then OVERWRITE THIS MAP! Doing so will make the gate and doors fall through the map when you reload it and try to use them!!!

To get the 'shower' to function, again go into Spooner's Database and scroll through to entity '137'. Select the option 'visible' and the water will turn on. To turn off, deselect visible. WARNING: DO NOT SELECT 'DELETE' OR....

Peds and vehicles shown are not included.


DO NOT MAKE CHANGES AND OR UPLOAD THIS MOD CLAIMING IT IS YOUR WORK! Do give proper credit and link all videos, online images or presentations to this page on 5Mods, youtube, discord or any other outlet associated with IamMistahWolf.
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